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What inspired Cultivating Self?

"Cultivating Self came to exist out of a critical need for the mental health and overall wellbeing of caregivers to be prioritized and held within a supportive community space.


When we first show up for ourselves, we can joyfully show up in service to others. I now live by this philosophy and believe it to be true, but this has not always been the case. While easily understood on an intellectual level, this philosophy is not widely practiced in modern culture, so how are any of us to really know what it looks like to "show up" for ourselves? To take it further, many of us have become deeply rooted in systems that perpetuate and even reward the exploitation of workers (dictating how and when we care for ourselves), so why is "self-care" only the responsibility of an individual? 


Emerging from the current healthcare paradigm with an intimate understanding of the problems, Cultivating Self is bringing forth solidarity around actionable solutions that cultivate not only the Self, but the greater systemic change needed in healthcare."


The Vision of Cultivating Self

Cultivating Self cultivates community that serves to rejuvenate and enliven a wholistic approach to restoring the healer within through education, retreats, and connection.

Cultivating Self is incubating a healthcare system change

Problem 1: Improving the quality of life for caregivers

Problem 2: Acknowledging compassion fatigue

Problem 3: Empowering caregivers to discover their inner healer

Meet the Board Members who steward this effort

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Dr. Caroline Pauline Cardenas


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Integrative Medicine Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Play Psychology

Oncology & Hospice Nurse, Certified Breast Care Nurse & Nurse Educator

Hoopdance & Yoga Teacher


Charlie Trinh


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Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Co-Founder of Cosmic Labyrinth

Tall playing flute indy rishi_edited.png

Indy Rishi Singh


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Certified Yoga Facilitator

Ayurvedic Counselor

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Mental Health First Aid

Grassroots Organizer


Dr. Manmeet Kaur Rattu

Psy.D., M.S.

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Certified Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified Yoga Instructor

Ayurvedic Health Educator

Fitness Athlete


Julia Cantu-Reyna Ochoa


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International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Pediatric Nurse

Public Health Nurse

OB Triage

Professional Mother of 4


Future Aligned Board Members

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This could be you!

Cultivating Self healthcare service  recipients

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