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Sun, May 30



Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: What You Need to Know

This revolutionary and illuminating series will explore what may be the 4th wave of behavioral health practice: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: What You Need to Know
Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: What You Need to Know

Time & Location

May 30, 2021, 12:00 PM PDT – Sep 18, 2021, 1:00 PM PDT



About the Event


This series will explore what may be the 4th wave of behavioral health practice: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. We will discuss the current crisis in behavioral health practice, where the myth of the “chemical imbalance” causes many to receive partial and temporary interventions that do not often provide lasting change. We will briefly review the history of psychedelic-assisted therapy and basic treatment strategies to better understand this modality. - Mark Skellie, Psy. D

We will dive even deeper into current clinical trials and the therapies (Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin) that are forever transforming the way clinical medicine approaches mental health. 

Playshop Lecture Dates & Times -

12pm-1pm (PT)/2pm - 3pm (CT) 

May 30, 2021 (Sunday)

Maysa Alavi, MD - Cannabis 201

June 26, 2021 (Saturday)

Shari Taylor, PhD, MSN, RN, RYT - MDMA Assisted Therapies

July 24, 2021 (Saturday)

Mark Skellie, Psy.D - Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Basics

August 21, 2021 (Saturday)

Zoe Hippel, RN, BSN - Integration and Harm Reduction

September 18, 2021 (Saturday)

Maysa Alavi, MD - Ketamine Assisted Therapies

***Zoom (link will be emailed 24-48 hours before first class)***

A suggested donation of $55-$108 for this series is graciously appreciated. Your contributions make it possible for Cultivating Self to fulfil their mission in supporting frontline nurses through enriching educational opportunities like this one.

We would like to also emphasize that ALL are welcome to enjoy this incredible offering - no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

Instructor Bios -

Maysa Alavi, MD

I am a board certified Family Medicine physician and clinical researcher experienced in psychedelic assisted therapies, inpatient (hospitalist) medicine, outpatient medicine (chronic disease management, concierge medicine, and preventative care), Functional Medicine, integrative medicine, emergency medicine, Reiki, and Yoga. I am grateful to have trained at the University of Southern California, The University of Texas, and UCLA, as well as with the Dr. Andrew Weil Foundation, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and COMPASS Pathways. My niche is combining Functional Medicine, which is aimed at figuring out the "why" of illness and solving the root problem of dis-ease, with the power of "psychedelics," or "mind manifesting" medicines which loosely include, but are not limited to, breathwork, entheogens, indigenous and plant medicines, dissociatives, classical psychedelics and non-classical psychedelics. Although on the surface this may sound complex, the approach is actually very simple: address the root cause of the problem with awareness and intention. Simple changes can yield meaningful results. The simplest approach starts with the basics, which, incidentally, are all to often ignored: sunlight, breath/air, water, environment, food, movement, mental-spiritual-emotional wellness, sleep, interpersonal relations and communication, and everything else we consume including our entertainment, beliefs, and most importantly our thoughts. Connect with Dr. Alavi here!

Shari Taylor, PhD, MSN, RN, RYT

Dr. Shari Taylor is a somatic therapist practicing in New Orleans, LA. She employs methods drawn from humanistic, Jungian, transpersonal, and Eastern traditions. Using meditation, mindfulness exercises, yoga inspired movement, breathwork, and talk therapy, she helps her clients bridge the mind-body dichotomy. Her interests in yoga, meditation, and the transformative potential of expanded states of consciousness inform her style of practice. Dr. Taylor is currently working with the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), in the phase III study using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. Dr. Taylor holds a PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University, a Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama, and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison specializing in the field of child/adolescent psychiatry.

Mark Skellie, Psy.D

Dr. Mark Skellie is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice with Crescent City Psychological Services specializing in psychotherapy and psychological assessment of adults. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia School of Professional Psychology in 2010 and has experience working with a wide range of clinical populations during his work in the behavioral health field. Dr. Skellie is currently a therapist in a study utilizing the breakthrough treatment of MDMA-assisted therapy to treat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and will soon participate in another study using psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat depression. Dr. Skellie focuses much of his clinical work on helping individuals with anxiety, trauma, depression, impulse control problems, and psychological issues associated with chronic illness develop the resiliency to live fuller and more satisfying lives.

Zoe Hippel, RN, BSN

Zoe Hippel is an RN, BSN with 5 years experience in inpatient psychiatric care in New Orleans, LA, including at the New Orleans Institute, a world renowned program for PTSD and compulsive behaviors. She has also been a co-therapist in the MAPS sponsored MDMA for the treatment of severe PTSD study over the past 4 years. Her personal healing journey with psychedelics such as Ayahuasca, psilocybin and MDMA, clinical experience with varied disorders such as PTSD, DID, addiction, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, and training and work with MAPS, all give her a unique perspective from with to frame this conversation.


  • 1 hour

    Cannabis 201 - Maysa Alavi, MD

  • 1 hour

    MDMA Therapies - Shari Taylor, PhD, MSN, RN, RYT

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