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Julia Cantu-Reyna Ochoa


Why did you become a healer and what makes you special in the healing space?

I was inspired to become a nurse by my parents. Both are healers; physician and occupational therapist. The passion that they have for helping others is infectious and I am continuously in awe of the bond they establish with their patients, it is truly a gift. I take that into my own practice. I believe that I provide comfort and a safe space for those I care for, allowing them to easily share with me.

Who is your favorite tv~movie/historical/mythological healer?

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

What is your perspective on the current mental and physical wellbeing of healers/caregivers?

In the last few years since COVID it has become more evident the lack of support for healers. The statistics speak for themselves with the high rates of different healthcare providers leaving the industry and suicide rates through the roof.
Something needs to be done to support the healers.

What is your preferred method of practicing self-care?

Exercise, mani/pedi, quiet time, a nice cup of tea or a homemade treat

What’s your go-to tea for rejuvenation?

I love chamomile tea for almost everything. It is very soothing. My husband also got me into chai and I feel pampered when he makes me a good cup of chai from scratch. I also enjoy a good matcha green tea latte, homemade is the best.

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