As a relatively new nurse of just over five years (all of which I have spent in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), it became apparent to me that burnout was a recurring problem among nurses. I have found that nurses are burning out, for decades we have not been empowered to practice healthy forms of expression to mitigate stress, nor do we feel supported in the workplace. This sentiment in turn leads to an overwhelming feeling of isolation and disconnection from ourselves and loved ones. Over the past few years, as I have connected with other healthcare providers, many have shared common goals and a passion for helping nurses cultivate resilience. While going through my own journey with burnout early in my career I quickly discovered inadequacies in resources available to support nurses needs, while also cultivating resilience. The current burnout crisis faced by millions of nurses today is claiming innocent lives and fracturing our labor pool of healthcare providers. 

My vision for a collective of registered nurses who bring awareness to the greater issue of burnout, gave birth to Cultivating Self. Cultivating Self serves nurses by creating spaces of healing for one another that inspire and sustain resilience. The next phase of my vision is a community home for nurses. 

Cultivating Self - A Restorative Community Home for Nurses, is an essential and progressive initiative addressing nurse burnout. The objective of this community home is to create a supportive living space for nurses as they navigate the variety of emotions and vicarious trauma that stem from caring for humans during their most vulnerable states. The home strives to be a place where nurses can come and reset while  participating in permaculture (growing their own food - connecting with nature), practicing sustainability, as well as, hosting regular workshops and retreats. The home will house nurse facilitators and welcome nurses who live with their families elsewhere. 

Your donations will be the seed that helps to grow this community 


Today, the incidence of burnout is affecting all sectors of our world. At Cultivating Self, we are dedicated to curating exceptional educators and experiences that successfully mitigate burnout and compassion fatigue. We have served the San Francisco Police Department, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, San Jose State's School of Occupational Therapy, Pepperdine University and more. 

Please support our initiatives to continuing providing relief and support to nurses and healthcare providers on the frontlines by donating to our fund