Diana Cantu-Reyna, RN, BSN, CCRN


Diana Cantu-Reyna is part of a new generation of nursing. Through her own battle suffering burnout and moral injury early in her career, she is now sharing a vision to transmute and revolutionize healthcare. Diana is an advocate for exceptional health and wellbeing among all healthcare providers, and her mission remains clear - how can we live a joyful life where our actions restore balance to ourselves, the planet, and all living beings? Returning to the sacredness that is us. 

Diana spent over 7 years working as a bedside nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in one of California’s Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Centers. She is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and regularly travels internationally to Mexico, Central and South America as a nurse volunteer. Prior to becoming a nurse, Diana received a BA in Political Science from San Diego State University where she discovered her passion for social justice and community service. It was through a 3 year volunteer-ship with San Diego's only syringe exchange program where she was called to the nursing profession. At the start of her nursing career, she quickly merged these two loves by becoming active in her union as nurse representative and labor rights advocate. Diana was also a bargaining team member representing her hospital with California Nurses Association in 2018. They successfully won a stellar contract, bringing wage parity to nurses who were historically earning much less than the San Francisco/Bay Area standard, and giving nurses access to more robust educational opportunities through a new tuition reimbursement program.

In 2018, with the vital support from her partner Indy Rishi Singh, Diana and Rishi began curating intentional spaces that empower nurses to cultivate harmony, emphasizing that everyones journey is beautifully unique. With a radically compassionate approach, Diana and Rishi facilitate a loving and playful container grounded in the principles of non-violent communication. They believe in the power of experiential and applied learning held within a supportive community. Through these methodologies and exposure to a diverse set of programs (neuroplasticity), participants of these retreats are equipped to flourish, thrive, and integrate - resulting in profound and transformational experiences. 


Diana's fascination with ancient modalities of healing has led her to mentors, teachers, and guides from across the globe. She is interested in building sustainable models that can be scaled and integrated with modern medicine while increasing access for BIPOC communities. Diana continues to immerse herself in the studies of Ayurveda, plant medicine (including entheogenic plants and fungi), yoga, meditation, sound healing, breath work, energy healing, and the wisdom and medicines of her indigenous Taino and Mesoamerican ancestry. She remains deeply committed to Decolonial work and studies under the guidance of her teacher, Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza, PhD. Applying this lens to all current systems and those who uphold them, Diana believes it is only through this self awareness and listening that will allow us to begin humanizing each other, bringing forth a regenerative and connected way of living. 

Diana's self-care practices always include dancing AND connection with the natural world, more specifically water and earth elements - you can find her swimming at the beach, hiking in the forest, gazing at the sun, moon and stars, doing yoga and meditating in the park, or jammin' out on her harmonium or djembe!


Lucy Camarena, DNP, RN, CCRN, CNL, CPN, PHN


Since she was 10 years old, Lucy Camarena knew she wanted to be in the medical field. Growing up in Napa, Lucy was originally inspired to become a doctor. Her goal changed when a cousin needed a second open heart surgery. “I saw the nurse at the bedside constantly, making sure my cousins was OK, connecting with our family. That’s how I decided on nursing instead of being a doctor,” Lucy says. “Nurses were the ones that were really there with the patients.” As her career has evolved in the last five years, Lucy’s natural caring personality has started to include her coworkers wellbeing. She is involved in several committees that all have the same goal of cultivating resilience and caring for caregivers. Lucy not only advocates for her patients’ wellbeing, but that of her fellow nurses as well.


Lucy works as a full-time staff nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, one of California’s Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Centers. Lucy is a graduate of The Dominican University of California School of Nursing, and a double graduate of The University of San Francisco--Masters of Science Clinical Nurse Leader and Population Health Leadership Doctorate of Nursing Practice.


Bhavna Kumar, RN, BSN, PHN

Research & Development

Bhavna has been interested in science and the healthcare profession since she was a child. She was able to find her calling into nursing through a volunteering experience during her high school. Being an empathetic and caring person, she knew bedside nursing would allow her to use those strengths to help care for others. Her transition from a student to an ICU nurse came with several hurdles. Overcoming those challenges with the support of her peers and loved ones helped her understand the importance of self-care and building resilience. Through her hobbies such as traveling, photography and yoga she learned to balance the stresses of her work. Her goal is to help ease the transition of new graduates into such high stress medical environments.


Bhavna is a registered nurse that works full time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, one of California’s Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Centers. She graduated from Samuel Merritt University College of Nursing with a Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing.

Core Team


Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, MPH, MD, PhD

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya is trained formally in Ayurveda, biomedical pharmacology & neuroscience, international public health, clinical research, holistic nutrition, yoga, botanical medicine, holistic health counseling and allopathic family medicine. After receiving her baccalaureate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Bhattacharya earned her master's in pharmacology from the pharmacology/neuroscience PhD program at Columbia University and her master's in international public health from Harvard University's School of Public Health and Kennedy School, where she was the first Indian and woman to speak at commencement ceremonies. Subsequently, she earned an MD at Rush Medical College in Chicago and completed a residency in family medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. 


In addition to 30 years of experience in health and medicine, Dr. Bhattacharya has consulted with healthcare industry companies and served on the boards of associations involved with Ayurveda credentialing and oversight in the US and India. She has written over 20 publications, spoken to over 500 national and international conferences, and received leadership and teaching awards. Alongside her private holistic and Ayurvedic medical practice in New York City, she is dedicated to teaching allopaths and scientists about authentic Ayurveda through the Dinacharya Institute in New York City and the Dinacharya Foundation in Kolkata, India and recently completed a Fulbright project exploring the importance of metals in healthcare.

Maysa headshot.jpeg

Maysa Alavi, MD

Integrative & Functional Medicine

Dr. Alavi is a board certified Family Medicine physician and clinical researcher experienced in psychedelic assisted therapies, inpatient (hospitalist) medicine, outpatient medicine (chronic disease management, concierge medicine, and preventative care), Functional Medicine, integrative medicine, emergency medicine, Reiki, and Yoga. I am grateful to have trained at the University of Southern California, The University of Texas, and UCLA, as well as with the Dr. Andrew Weil Foundation, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and COMPASS Pathways.

My niche is combining Functional Medicine, which is aimed at figuring out the "why" of illness and solving the root problem of dis-ease, with the power of "psychedelics," or "mind manifesting" medicines which loosely include, but are not limited to, breathwork, entheogens, indigenous and plant medicines, dissociatives, classical psychedelics and non-classical psychedelics. 

Although on the surface this may sound complex, the approach is actually very simple: address the root cause of the problem with awareness and intention. Simple changes can yield meaningful results. The simplest approach starts with the basics, which, incidentally, are all to often ignored: sunlight, breath/air, water, environment, food, movement, mental-spiritual-emotional wellness, sleep, interpersonal relations and communication, and everything else we consume including our entertainment, beliefs, and most importantly our thoughts. Learn more about Dr. Alavi and connect with her at

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Sara Yarbrough, MS

Nutritionist & Plant-based chef

Sara is a Nutrition Educator, Research Writer, and Cookbook Author. She attended Nursing school as an undergraduate, passionate to help and serve others, and stumbled upon a healing journey with food and long-term health outcomes that has now lasted well over a decade. During her educational career she specialized in the fields of Neuroscience, Yoga, Meditation, Medical Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition, eventually achieving a Master's of Science in Clinical Nutrition. Completed through Stonybrook University School of Medicine, this degree focused on utilizing evidence-based natural medicine practices in Western medicine settings while providing an understanding of clinical practice and management.


During her college education, she trained and worked professionally as a Plant-Based Chef and culinary teacher. She has personally graduated over 1000 plant-based chefs worldwide, designed dozens of courses, and published 2 cookbooks.

She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with precious Onyx Ivory. They write most of their cookbooks together. She creates recipes and menus, distributing herbal tonics and other plant medicines, works one-on-one with clients, and enjoys writing and producing meditation music. Order some of her tasty treats and learn more about healing through food with Sara at

indy rishi headshot.jpeg

Indy Rishi Singh, RYT, CHT

Advisor & Technical Lead

Indy Rishi Singh is a neuroplastician. He presents neuroplasticity playshops to organizations, schools and various institutions. Indy has a background in medicine and has developed creative monasteries in Manhattan and the SF Bay Area. Indy is passionate about relieving burnout syndrome and compassion fatigue in corporations and within communities that suffer from it the most. He's currently co-creating a tool to improve civic engagement:

Indy is passionate about creating edutainment that supports the social-emotional-cultural wellbeing of children and teenagers. This is a project he is immersed in that support educators and parents:


He is on the board of a unique orphanage in Varanasi, India which focuses on teaching children yoga, meditation, Sanskrit and philosophy. Learn more about his efforts at

Here is the ABC news piece about Indy's work supporting burnout with the SFPD: ABC news piece link

Visiting Facilitators