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Cultivating Self

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization 

Holistic Care for the Caregiver 
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Our Vision

Conceived by nurses for helping professionals, Cultivating Self is a growing community of healers passionate about holistic care for the caregiver.


We create spaces that cultivate joy, connection, and curiosity. Utilizing innovative educational programs and experiences curated by this community of nurses, we are radically transforming healthcare from within - shifting the culture of our profession to one of mutual healing. ​

Our mission is to build supportive and sustainable community around the healing arts.

We welcome collaborations with holistic healthcare practitioners, artists, educators, and anyone interested in work-trade opportunities. Please complete form below if interested.

Our Vision

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Why Do  Helping Professionals  Need This?

Moral Injury "burnout"

In the US, the field of nursing has been observed to yield one of the highest risks of employee "burnout", resulting in a nationwide nurse retention crisis in hospitals and clinics. "Burnout" is a multi-facceted phenomenon that revolves around the cessation of one being able to perform his or her job.  (Portera 2012) (Bogaaert 2017)

Quality of Sleep

Almost half of all shift workers experience some form of a sleep/wake disturbance. Studies continue to show that getting quality sleep is just as important as eating well and daily exercise. 

(Garcia 2017)

Poor Nutrition/Diet

Good nutrition and quality food are critical ingredients to maintain ones health and longevity along with preventing mental, physical, and emotional illness. 

(Selhub 2015)


Occupational stress affects nurses’ health-related quality of life negatively. This contributes to a decline in positive patient outcomes.  (Sarafis 2016)

Compassion Fatigue

Few healthcare organizations acknowledge, discuss, or provide interventions for assisting with compassion fatigue. Yet, it is an important concept due to its individual, professional, and financial costs. We must identify compassion fatigue, differentiate it from burnout, and offer system interventions for supporting nurses and reducing compassion fatigue. (Harris 2015)  (Lombardo 2011)


The retreat provided an intimate and calm setting to spend quality time with fellow nurses. Together, we learned the benefits of Ayurveda, personalized to our busy and stress-filled days as nurses. I walked away from the day with an open mind and calmed presence—just what I needed!

— Lexie S. UCSF Children's Hospital

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Help us cultivate a resilient healthcare workforce!

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