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We empower healthcare providers to dismantle health inequities through transformative education and self-care practices, fostering a future of health justice for all communities.

The Problem:

Healthcare providers are suffering from growing rates of burnout, compassion fatigue, suicide, and leaving the healthcare profession altogether

The most educated and integrative healthcare providers are only accessible to the wealthiest Americans. Few insurance providers accept "alternative medicine," despite their proven and preventative benefits.

Healthcare providers have little to no relationship with nature or awareness about the impact of soil health and food systems when it comes to the health of individuals and communities. This is a growing health injustice as marginalized communities are often in food deserts.

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Resilience Building


Retreats range from day-long engagements to multiple day immersive growing experiences, empowering caregivers with resources that are practical, mitigate burnout, compassion fatigue, moral injury, and improve self care; supporting participants with integration in a safe community

Workshops & Continuing Education

A diverse roster of facilitators offer workshops integrating novel and ancient modalities of health. Some workshops offer Continuing Education Units to satisfy state licensing standards while providing caregivers with alternative, engaging CEU's improving their ability to provide care for patients.

Consulting for Caregiver Regenerative Spaces

Cultivating Self consults with hospitals and various healthcare facilities to improve caregiver retention by adding or adapting rooms & offices to regenerative spaces. Helping professional staff and leadership access self-care practices and tools in the workspace and connect with various caregiving modalities

Be a part of making healthcare better for everyone involved

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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