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Dr. Caroline Pauline Cárdenas


Why did you become a healer and what makes you special in the healing space?

The agonizing grief caused by the early loss of my beloved mother Grace, called me forward to work within the realm of the healing arts, compassionately serving as an oncology nurse and as a psychologist.

Who is your favorite tv~movie/historical/mythological healer?

Human, mother, and compassionate teacher Dr. Maya Angelou, for her profound wisdom and her incredible ability to influence humans from all walks of life to meet moments within their journey with compassion and courage.

Mythological figure Dionysus, the personification of ecstasy who offers an experience of divine transcendence. Dionysian energy is symbolic to the life force power that flows through all humans, with the potential to coalesce heaven and earth. It can be understood as the precise moment when one is experiencing love and joy, the kind that moves beyond time and space.

What is your perspective on the current mental and physical wellbeing of healers/caregivers?

The systems in which healers/caregivers are offering their gifts are negatively impacting their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. What is more, the complex social and cultural challenges we face collectively, is causing healers/caregivers to experience burnout and compassion fatigue. None of this is sustainable, which is why it is imperative that we begin to imagine another way of approaching health and well-being so that healers and caregivers remain unharmed as they do their meaningful work of compassionately caring for human beings experiencing suffering.

What is your preferred method of practicing self-care?

Hula Hooping, Salsa and Bachata Dancing, playing and cuddling with my daughter, sharing joy and hugs with my husband, sharing laughter with my best friends, enjoying contemplative silence, and going on nature walks.

What’s your go-to tea for rejuvenation?

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus Flower
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