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Dr. Charlie Trinh


Why did you become a healer and what makes you special in the healing space?

I’ve followed some synchronicities that lead me to experience acupuncture and it felt so familiar to me, as if I had done it before. I chose to pursue it at first to learn more about myself and to heal myself, and now feel grateful to be able to share this medicine with others. I’m particularly good with muscle and fascia tension in the body that causes pain and puts the body in sympathetic tone.

Who is your favorite tv~movie/historical/mythological healer?

I love the water benders in Avatar: The last airbender.  They use water to heal others, and I love the way water envelops someone to heal them.  Water is such an important part of our body and healing and seeing both the spiritual and physical properties encompassed in a culture in a show is very inspiring and reminiscent of traditional medicines around the world. 

What is your perspective on the current mental and physical wellbeing of healers/caregivers?

I feel like there is a deficiency in both the mental and wellbeing space for healers.  We share advice of avoiding burnout to our own patient yet, we often experience these same problems from our hectic schedules and lives.  There is very little social conversation around mental health and having discussion of ways to improve it.  The psychosomatic relationship, where the mental and physical become linked is a very powerful perspective in our wellness and thus not represented in any mainstream.

What is your preferred method of practicing self-care?

A good weekend out in nature, camping in a tent or outdoors with animals and trees and rivers.  Listening to music for a few minutes in between very mental activities is great for clearing my mind and thoughts.  A hot salted bath feels great to rebalance the chemicals in your body and helps you feel rejuvenated.

What’s your go-to tea for rejuvenation?

I’ve been enjoying a warm ginger longan tea with boba these days.

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