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Why did you become a healer and what makes you special in the healing space?

The thing is, I don't feel I'm a healer. I'm more interested in supporting the healing agents within others (and myself first). I'm constantly seeking masters of various healing arts and exploring ways to learn from them. I feel what makes me special in this space is that I am in humble service to those who effectively bring health and happiness in to the world. This gives me tremendous opportunities to integrate wisdom, data, and intelligence from different perspectives.

Who is your favorite tv~movie/historical/mythological healer?

I'm in reverence to the 7 Rishi's. The idea that a group of 7 Rishi's gathered together in an unending conference in the Himalayas, experimented with nature, their minds, their bodies, and the knowledge that was imparted to them, gives me goosebumps.

In some mythologies, the Pleiades stars are our reminder of these 7 characters in human history.

What is your perspective on the current mental and physical wellbeing of healers/caregivers?

I'm someone who burned out and dropped out of the medical school system. I experienced first hand the lack of embodiment of health, happiness, and harmony within the government certified branches of allopathic medicine.

This inspires me to share the tools I've gained over the years, and the abundance of tremendous healers from various walks of life, with caregivers that are struggling with mental health, physical health, and potentially spiritual health as well.

What is your preferred method of practicing self-care?

I love to play the bansuri flute as a way to get out of my head and to practice breathwork. I also love dancing (bhangra of Bollywood).

I also love discovering places of awe and meditating, stretching, and simply being present. I'm a seeker of awe. It may show up in a beautiful vista, or a musical performance, or a delicious meal, or art, or a gathering that is empowering courage/curiosity/celebration, or anything I have yet to come across.

What’s your go-to tea for rejuvenation?

I love to make my own Ayurvedic tea, mixing whatever is available and that balances my current doshas.

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