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Christine S.

I want to first say thank you so much for putting it all together. It was something I’ve never experienced and am truly grateful to have been included. I enjoyed experiencing different aspects of healing and wellness mixed together in one day (yoga, cooking, massage).


Amanda B.

This retreat could not have come at a more perfect time in my life! Not only was it refreshing and had a variety of activities to take part in, but it was also enlightening and thought provoking! Getting to listen first hand from Dr. Bhattacharya about the knowledge of Ayurveda truly opened my eyes. I would highly recommend this retreat to any healthcare worker with an open heart and mind wanting to cleanse the stress from their soul.


Paige B.

The retreat was the perfect time to unwind, rebalance and enjoy some much needed time with coworkers who are friends! It was the perfect Saturday spent learning new things, testing delicious food, and centering our souls!


Ramona B.

This one-day self-care workshop is a healing retreat. Nurses work hard to provide compassionate care to others but fall short when taking care of ourselves

We have all heard the bumper-sticker advice  “take care of yourself so that you can take care of others”, “you can’t pour from an empty pitcher”…  but few of us have knowledge of the how to actually do it. This workshop is an introduction to self-care.  The lessons range from Laughter Yoga to Ayurvedic theory and cooking instructions. The day was full of activities and delicious food.


Lexie S.

The retreat provided an intimate and calm setting to spend quality time with fellow nurses. Together, we learned the benefits of Ayurveda, personalized to our busy and stress-filled days as nurses. I walked away from the day with an open mind and calmed presence—just what I needed!


Lucy C.

As someone who has struggled to find the answers I needed for my health in modern medicine I turned to alternative methods a few years back. This retreat was the best way to reaffirm my beliefs and knowledge, while learning new things surrounded by my peers!

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